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Principal Protect is an assurance to investors that they will not incur capital losses if investments are made per simple conditions set. All active investors would stand to qualify for Principal Protect the moment they successfully invested in 100 notes within a period of 12 months since they began investing. The amount invested in each note must be in almost equal amounts that do not deviate more than 3x of the average investment per note.

1) Each portfolio is made up of 100 Notes
2) Your investments in this portfolio of 100 Notes must not exceed 3 times your average investment amount
3) Portfolio must be Diversified
4) Portfolio must be amassed / built within 12 months*
*Portfolios amassed before the introduction of Principal Protect (2/9/19) are not subject to the 12 months requirement.

No, Principal Protect is automatically activated once a portfolio of 100 qualified notes is achieved. It does not require the member to manually opt-in.

No, there is no additional fees to get covered by Principal Protect. It will be activated the moment set criteria are met.

Principal Protect will cover each investor up to RM10,000 (for investments of RM100,000 and below) and up to RM30,000 (for total investments above RM100,000)

An icon would be present at your personal homepage in the browser version whereby, it will state as to whether you have achieved at least 1 portfolio (100 Notes) under Principal Protect and if yes, the number of portfolio(s) achieved would also be indicated. You can further go to the MY INVESTMENTS, NOTES FUNDED tab to see which notes are covered under the Principal Protect and which portfolio they fall into. Basically, the system would group the notes that qualify for protection in a sequential order based on the time of disbursement of the notes. Only Notes that has been disbursed will be taken into consideration as part of Principal Protect portfolio(s).

No, only investments in Notes that does not exceed 3 times the average investment amount per Note will be qualified under the Principal Protect portfolio. (Your current average investment amount can be found in your Fundaztic homepage on the browser version) E.g. Your average investment currently is RM200. Only Notes with investments up to RM600 will be qualified in your Principal Protect portfolio.

The reimbursement will be paid into your Fundaztic account and will be reflected as part of “Account Balance”

No, they will not be covered by Principal Protect as the original investor has already taken the first risk involved.

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