Fundaztic is fully owned and managed by Peoplender Sdn Bhd which is a Recognised Market Operator registered by the Securities Commission of Malaysia to operate a peer-to-peer financing platform. Strongly believing that it is through complementing and filling gaps of needs in the ecosystem that will create sustainable and meaningful growth, Fundaztic aims to leverage on technology to enhance access to both financing and investment for businesses and individuals with low entry barriers. Our Issuers can have access to easy financing through a fast and simple online application process, while our Investors provide the funds to multiple Investment Notes in exchange for attractive returns of investments. Fundaztic intends to transform the financing ecosystem into a transparent, simple, and fair online marketplace, helping people and businesses achieve their financial goals every day.

Fundaztic's Board and Management team brings about more than 50 years of combined expertise in finance, legal and technology.

Fundaztic由Peoplender私人有限公司全资拥有和管理,Peoplender私人有限公司是马来西亚证券委员会授权的经认可的市场运营商,负责运营点对点融资平台。Fundaztic相信通过补充和填补生态系统需求的差距,将创造可持续和有意义的增长,Fundaztic的目标是利用技术来提高获得融资和投资的企业和个人进入壁垒低。我们的发行人可以通过快速简单的在线申请程序获得简单的融资,而我们的投资者则可以将资金提供给多个投资项目,以换取投资赢利。 Fundaztic计划将融资生态系统转变为一个透明,简单和公平的在线市场,帮助人们和企业每天实现其财务目标。


Our Mission


To democratize financing and investment by providing rates equitable to risks via reliable big data and technological leverage.